The work of our service is supported by the following devices released by TVIP S-Box:

v.410,  v.412,  v.610,  v.612,  v.615


To be able to view, you must configure your device to work with the portal. To do this, follow a few simple steps below:

Press the Home button  , use the left or right button to go to the Settings section and click  OK.

Next, in the left menu, select TV and go to the right area with the arrow of the remote control to the Right. In this menu, in the Content source item , use the arrows to select the Web Portal option , then click on the Configure Web Portal button

Select the portal URL field

We enter the link to our portal: http : // stb .best-tv top and press Enter

Further, in the Portal item available,   you must select  For the entire system , and in the Type API point,  select MAG At the end, click the Apply button

After that, the download of our IPTV portal will begin.

Set-top box setup is completed. The next time you turn on the portal will load automatically.