The IPTV – a digital interactive TV of a new generation with the ability to watch TV programs on the computer screen, on TV, Smart TV, as well as on your tablet or smartphone.

• Excellent image quality. The whole world has been watching TV shows and movies in high definition! Impressions of HDTV movies Full-HD 1080i / p can exceed the impressions from the visit of the modern cinema. In fact, this ultra-modern cinema experience into your house, in the circle of relatives and friends. In our list of channels is only rated a high-definition channels, and their number will only increase!

• Multi-channel sound – Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround! The owners of home theater systems will appreciate the quality of surround sound when watching movies!

• Interactive TV System “Video on Demand” – is the ability to watch your favorite movie at any time by selecting it in the directory free of charge, rather than spending time searching for and downloading it from the Internet!

• Live control Live! If you watch the broadcast of a football match favorite football club, but at this point you someone is calling – just place the player on “pause” and return to the viewing, at your convenience! You can also rewind any TV program directly during the broadcast, and to consider in detail every moment again!

• Archive TV broadcasts – an opportunity to see any transfer to repeat.

• You will never miss the beginning of your favorite show or movie due to the fact that change the channel during the advertising block! Just turn on a reminder of the beginning of the desired TV program and continue watching another channel, while “this” is advertising!

• You can record a few favorite TV shows or movies you simultaneously and in parallel to watch another channel and it’s all just one click on the “Record”!

• Convenient electronic TV guide menu will allow you to view the program schedule for the week ahead, or choose the transfer of the archive

• All these services can be run on a computer or TV screen by simply pressing the buttons without much effort! And most importantly – in the preview, you can freely use the Internet.

IPTV digital TV – TV is the quality standard for the next decade!

Since 2012, according to the approval of the Convention, was launched a global transition from analogue to digital television. The number will replace the familiar cable and terrestrial TV. 

 All this is due to the fact that analog technology is completely outdated and can not convey the necessary quality of the TV picture.